Make your Nestlé pension
work for you.

This website is your guide to the Nestlé UK Pension Fund (the Fund). It describes the range of benefits that are available for you and your family both during your career with Nestlé and after you retire.

Your 2018 pension statement

Your pension statement has now been posted to you, so you should receive it within the next few days, if you haven’t done so already. We’ve tried to simplify your statement this year, by providing more of the details and assumptions here on the website. Please take time to read your statement and consider whether you need to save more for retirement.

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DB Core and DB CorePlus benefits

DC Core and DC Start benefits

Joining the Fund

Joining the Fund and Nestlé's duty to enrol you under automatic enrolment

Pre 2017 benefits

The benefits you built up if you were in the Fund before 1 August 2017